Custom Software Development Services that Streamline Operations

Explore the results we delivered for Vivint.

“Before My Jet Schedule, it was a lot of communication back-and-forth. It was very time consuming to figure out what we needed for the aircrafts. With HyperIQ, we are able to get software delivered based on our needs. Whatever you can think of, they can come up with a solution for you.”

The Challenge

Booking and flight planning took an immense amount of effort and time from pilots and team members. The process was tedious and involved too much time spent trying to coordinate and figure out flight details.

Our Approach

Since 2013, we have supported Vivint with our custom software development services. From start to finish, our team at HyperIQ developed the complete application, My Jet Schedule. By assessing the struggles of their team and seeing the level of effort needed to coordinate flight bookings and travel flights (such as airports that could or could not be landed at) we delivered a final application that allows pilots to focus on their main work and delegate most flight planning to executive assistants.

To ensure everything ran smoothly, our team of experts also configured and monitored the system, which we continue to maintain.

“Anytime we need anything, within a day or sometimes within hours, HyperIQ gets back with a solution. We’re able to work with HyperIQ to make the changes we need. We’ll continue to use them. Without HyperIQ, we wouldn’t be able to do the job we do.”


With the My Jet Schedule software coordinating flights securely and accurately, the pilots are able to focus on their duties with confidence. Backed by our on-demand custom software development services, Vivint is confident their systems are continually up and working smoothly.