Finally, Software Development Jobs with (Actual) Work-Life Balance

Remote careers for dedicated software experts.

See if You’re a Fit for Our Software Development Firm

You’re a lifelong learner, skilled worker and all-around thoughtful, kind human.

You are NOT a self-proclaimed “ninja” or “wizard.”

If those statements ring true, keep reading. Indeed, one of our software development jobs could be a match.

We believe:

  • Work is important, but that there’s more to life than computers and code.
  • Meetings are only planned when needed. Because…efficiency. Slack is our go-to tool for asynchronous communication.
  • 8 hours a day is plenty of time to get work done when executed methodically.

At HyperIQ, we are proud to work with skilled professionals and to empower our team to thrive.

In short, our people work hard, deliver amazing value and still enjoy life. From our location of choice, we get to engage in hobbies after-hours and spend time with loved ones. Go rock climbing. Binge watch a new, favorite show. We take time doing what we love to do. Because we truly believe 14 hour days are not the way life was meant to be experienced.

We believe having a life outside work makes for a happier team. Happy team members mean nicer Slack messages and stronger delivery for our amazing clients, which is always our ultimate goal.


We offer both contract and full-time positions. The type of hire is based on the role itself and/or your desired hours and lifestyle.

To create a thriving culture and ensure the best work experience, full-time employees receive the following:

  • Top 5% of industry salaries
  • Work anywhere you want
  • 40 hour work week (99% of the time, anyway)
  • $100 per month fitness allowance
  • $100 per month massage allowance
  • $1,000 annual continuing education allowance
  • Charitable gift matching up to $1,000
  • Co-working space stipend
  • Holiday cash gift (a big thank you of $1,000)
  • Health insurance & 401K retirement contributions and matching options

Wait, Who Is HyperIQ?

Based in Lehi, Utah, HyperIQ delivers software delivery solutions to help our clients achieve success and grow to the next level. Originally founded in 2011, we have continually grown each year and continue to work with a variety of incredible technologies. We do right by our clients and our fellow team members. Good work. Good people.

Ready to Apply?

If you think we may be the right fit, check out our list of software development jobs. See what potential position would allow you to bring your skills to the table.