Accelerated App Development for Cambeo

Teamwork garners improved strategies and results with our ongoing partner.

“HyperIQ exceeded every expectation. Bringing them on has accelerated the rate at which we responded to customers' requests, and the result has been very pleased clients.”

The Challenge

Slow development was halting company growth and client requests. Cambeo needed efficient support that was guaranteed to meet deadlines and a set budget.

Our Approach

Both short-term initially and, as an ongoing partner since 2014, we have provided two developers to work side-by-side with Cambeo's existing development team. Through our app development services, we built and delivered new features and improved software sustainability through an approach that included:

  • Adding automatic tests with 87% code coverage
  • Migrating the application from MySQL to the advanced PostgreSQL database server
  • Adding features like marketing campaign sign-up, configurable design for each client account & sales performance reports based on retail data
  • Creating employee profiles so managers can monitor their progress on e-learning courses

“We have high standards and HyperIQ exceeded our expectations in every way. I thought we'd have a lot more back-and-forth, but we've been pleasantly surprised. I would recommend them without any reservation.”


Our ongoing app development support has allowed Cambeo to hit deadlines set by their customers and create new features in their system faster. These steps, and many others, have empowered Cambeo to deliver tools that help their retail customers streamline their own processes and increase revenues.